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Ideal Football Agency

We provide frst-rate advice, representation and management to soccer players and coaches worldwide. In the area of soccer management iDeal Football Agency (IFA) is a company that has developed a number of specific and innovative skills to better fit into contemporary soccer. Beside legal advice to stipulate employment contract and to carry out transfer of the player, IFA is also involved to finding sponsor to maximizing the image and the relevant right of players. We also offer a diverse range of media-related services to help our clients leverage the power of positive publicity. IFA long-term approach to comprehensive career management can lead to enduring commercial and philanthropic success.

 IFA approach to client management includes: 

– Contract negotiations 

– Financial and legal advice 

– Marketing and public relations

  • Intermediation of athletes
  • Transfers
  • Club Search
  • Career Guidance
  • Marketing and Commercial
  • Wealth Management
  • FIFA Match Agent
  • Football software

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Aleksandar Gjorgjieski

Graduate sports manager

Football Management

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